The sneaker trend is hitting big right now, and with fall quickly approaching and everyone going back to school, we’ll be seeing sneakers everywhere. There are so many great sneaker options out there, and since this is a trend that will be sticking around for a while (they’re insanely comfy, so I’m not complaining!), let’s talk about how to style them. They’re such a great way to add a sporty vibe to your outfit and instantly make it more casual. And don’t be afraid to wear them with dresses and skirts, as long as the proportions are right!
1. Casual Feminine with Converses
Converses are one of my favorite styles and are such a classic sneaker. I wore them all through high school so they definitely bring back some memories, but instead of black, I opted for a fresh white pair this time around. They add a casual and fun vibe to any outfit, but especially to a feminine dress. When you’re pairing a pretty dress with a pair of sneakers, make sure there’s something else to pull in the casual vibe. I chose a denim jacket, but you could also try a ponytail or a casual backpack or tote.
2. Go Black and White with Slip-On Sneakers
Add an element of surprise to a chic black and white look. Although the jacket and bag could definitely go dressy, a simple striped stretchy knit dress brings down the glam a bit, and then the outfit is completed with a little pop of leopard in some slip-on sneakers. But your shoes don’t have to be a pattern or even a color … this look could be so sporty chic with a pair of black and white Nike running shoes!
3. Weekender Style with Nikes
Comfy sneakers are the best for the weekends. A pair of Nike running shoes don’t have to be worn just for running; try them with your favorite pair of jeans and a graphic tee or sweatshirt. The goal with these shoes is to make them look purposeful (since this look can easily go wrong), so make sure that your shoe choice adds to your overall look and doesn’t take away from it. Adding jewelry, wearing makeup, adding a scarf, and cuffing your jeans are all simple things to add to this look to make it look purposeful. Also, keep those sneakers nice and clean so you don’t look like you just went for a run in the mud!