“ US ,,


Being a self-made millennial originating from Brussels in Belgium, our brand owner started the whole thing from scratch; starting by checking the materials himself to supervising each and every process up until opening a very humble local workshop  with the help of our beloved Walloon, Italian, Swedish and Belgian employees and expanding his baby project to what you see in front of you.

“ YOU ,,

So who do we aspire to reach? It's pretty easy. We’re aspiring to reach and provide every design forward, hustler, responsible for their very own fate kind of people with the perfect pair of shoes to make the guidelines, defy the norms and be the trendsetter in their very own groups.


“ WHY ,,

The flare that sparked up this project was how most people forgot that shoes were also fashion and fashion can always be comfy as much as it can be stylish. That’s why we create shoes that have an impact on  your day to day life for the following basic reasons :

1. Our designs are inspired by real life

2.Being a young guy or girl in a hurry on the planet today, we will always get you covered when it comes to the streets